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Metric O-Ring Kits

Global Rubber Products Ltd. can ship metric O-Ring kits to locations throughout the world! Be sure to check out our product catalogue and contact us for any questions you may have about our products.

9K212 - Buna'n 70 Kit C
The Buna’n 70 Kit includes 30 sizes, 425 rings total.

9K212 - Buna'n 70 Kit C

9K214 - Fluoroelastomer Metric O-Ring Kit C
The Fluoroelastomer 75 Metric O-Ring Kit C includes 425 rings, in 30 sizes.

9K214 -fluoroelastomer 75 Metric O-Ring Kit C

K215 - Buna’n 70 Durometer (Nitrile)
This Japanese metric O-Ring kit includes 380 rings, in 36 sizes.

9K215 - Buna’n 70 Durometer (Nitrile)
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